With Robin, the enjoyable, therapeutic massage she gives is only half the experience. The other half is healing on the spiritual and energetic levels. Robin is a healer in every sense of the word. She approaches a session bathed in healing energy, and that energy flows through her hands and her entire being, filling me with love, peace, and deep healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Robin's massages are far more than physically healing. It is a deeply spiritual experience.  JLK  Grateful Client

For an hour every two weeks, my body and mind goes into a deep state of relaxation while Robin's gentle, firm and all-knowing hands do their healing work.  Robin's spiritual nature flows through her and I always feel safe knowing my body is ever-grateful.  MH

Robin is not only a master at massage therapy, but is deeply intuitive, so she connects with you in that realm of mindfulness that makes the experience even more healing and fulfilling. Thank you.  CF

I gave a massage gc to a friend who LOVED it!  ED

‎Robin Werme is an amazing LMT who offers her presence to her massage clients needs for that session.  Our lives are continually changing as do our needs and Robin truly listens with her hearing and her hands. She truly is a gift to the Therapeutic Massage Profession.  Blessings to Sage Center and to all who visit and share in attending drum circles.  SH

I would highly, and personally recommend Sage Center for Wholeness to all of my fellow Dystonian's .... Robin with her gift of massage, and Bob with the gift of music. Both relaxing, and wonderful ways to relax those tight uncontrolable muscles.  AB