Drum Circles

Drumming? What does drumming have to do with therapeutic massage?

Robin was interviewed by MASSAGE magazine (Issue 109, May-June 2004) for her pioneering use of her drum for energy work and "sound massage".

Bob Werme, Robin's husband and partner is a minister and multi-instrumental musician. In 1996, he was introduced to the practice of "sacred drumming", and has been leading rhythm circles for children, adults, seniors and persons with a variety of disabilities. During several years as a hospice chaplain, Bob brought his drum to many bedsides. Like spiritual guides of many indigenous traditions, Bob played his drum as a form of "prayer", with the intention of bridging "worlds", and mediating transitions between them.

Sage Center for Wholeness currently co-sponsors a bi-weekly drum circle for all ages and skill levels, with the Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society in Woodbury, Connecticut. http://www.muusct.org

Some participants come with the express intention of healing, having experienced relief from certain conditions through drumming. (For information on current research in the area of drumming and health, please visit http://www.remo.com/portal/hr/index.html) We frequently invite individuals to lay in the center of these circles, and feel themselves "soaked" in the sounds and rhythms of the drums.