About Robin


Robin is a Connecticut Licensed Massage Therapist (002983), Professional Member of the AMTA, American Massage Therapy Association and a former Educator at CCMT, Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.

My passion is to assist people on their healing journey.  It all began as I was dancing around a fire back in June of 1999, celebrating the summer solstice.  I was attending my first Longdance, a three day event that takes place as each new season begins.  Longdance includes connecting with the rhythms of life through dance, drumming, art and playback theatre.  It sounds intriguing, fascinating and adventurous.  The truth is I was terrified and miserable.  My hands were swollen and aching.  It wasn't until the evening of the second day I felt well enough to participate fully.  As I danced into the night around this fire I found my hands rose up in the air.  The words "giving" and "receiving" kept coming to me.  I had no idea what it meant!  The message felt pretty powerful.  After returning to life as usual, I was in turmoil about what to do with my life.  I was trying to make it as an artist/crafter, still something I love to do, but found it difficult to support 4 kids on my earnings.  While I was flipping through a magazine I found an ad for Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.  It was a wild hair that caused me to call for a catalog.  I was enrolled before I knew it in a program that literally changed my life.  I had been a course instructor in both the Westport and Newington campus for more than 8 years, teaching Personal Potential, Professional Potential, Energetic Foundations and Clinic courses.  I have also been nurturing my private practice for 14 years.