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Our bodies have innate healing potential.  It’s amazing what the body can do for itself, with some nurturance and care.  Self care is essential for everyone, especially if you are a caregiver.  Folks working in the medical, teaching or other helping professions including parents caring for kids and kids caring for parents may be subject to burn-out, fatigue and general stress.  One way to care for yourself is regular massage therapy.  It recharges your batteries, fills your well.  You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

In my private practice, I ask you to complete a client intake form and discuss your concerns before touching you.  I look for any medical conditions that contraindicate massage therapy.  Also, finding out from you what your preferences are, deeply listening to you is important to my practice.  You will receive your choice of a full (60 min) hour, (90 min) hour and a half or (120 min) two hour session on the table at SCW. 

Sometimes people come in with specific body pain, sometimes with a heavy heart and lots on their mind.  I honor all of these states of being, which make up who you are, as an individual, at any given time.  The body/mind/spirit connection is extremely important to the work I do.  Wholistic body work is what I love to do.  Allow me to help you-use your body’s wisdom to discover wellness.

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